Saturday, January 13, 2007

Pictures as promised

I know I can't believe it either. I am posting two days in a row! Pretty cool of me!
Here is the baby sweater I made for the quickly planned shower at work this week.

I thought I would have enough of the tweed yarn to finish the sweater, but as I coasted along I realized I would be short. So I added in a few pale green stripes. To me it sort of looks like an old fashioned college sweater. Not sure why I thought of that, but it looks cute none the less. Plus I had some extra of both colors to whip up a matching hat.

Also here is the fun fur/bernat disco hat for Kate's project. I love the names that Bernat gave to this series... This hat is in Aqua Velvet. It was a free skein from the introduction of their line last year or the year before. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with, but it makes a great hat!

I ran to the market and to Ocean State Job Lots today. They had Fun Fur on sale. It was listed as a dollar, but ran up as 97 cents! So I grabbed a few skeins and a knit kit which also has a skein of fun fur in red, some wool and a pair of size 17 needles all for $5! I figured I'd use the fun fur for another hat and the red wool for the red scarf project. Two projects from one package! I also grabbed a couple of books on tape, some snacks and a small gift for a friend who is sick and out of work for a few weeks. What a fun place Job Lots is!
And lastly!

This is the prize I won from the 6SoxKAL for making some chain link socks in wool for CIC. You know how much I love making socks and especially kid socks! What a wonderful surprise to win anything, let alone this abosolutely gorgeous sock yarn from Allison at! It is Interlacements in Tiny Toes! Isn't it wonderful! Plus she sent me a free pattern to go with the yarn! Lucky me!


At 5:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The baby sweater is very cute. I never would have known the green wasn't part of the pattern.
Congratulations on winning the CIC prize! The yarn is beautiful.

At 11:44 PM, Blogger Diane said...

Your sweater with matching hat is really nice. Design on the fly.

Lucky you is right! Beautiful yarn for knitting for CIC. I love CIC knitting.

At 2:21 AM, Blogger Noeysmommy said...

The sweater and hat set are so sweet! I know the mom to be will love it!

At 10:40 AM, Anonymous Dipsy D. said...

Yay for winning! Congrats - that yarn looks awesome! I love the baby sweater you did, the striping makes it extra special - it's so cute! And what a deal on the Fun Fur - these will make for a couple of gorgeous, soft projects!

At 7:15 PM, Blogger Kat said...

Cool prize! The sweater and hat set are cute. I like the stripes as they jazz it up, but still leave a classy little sweater.


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