Saturday, August 04, 2007

Home from the mountains

We are home again after a week in the quiet and much cooler mountains of the Adirondacks. Now that we are home it feels like we never left the house. It was too hot to sleep last night. It just never cooled off here last night. Up there we slept without a fan just open windows. It was nice... you could fall asleep to the loons and wake to hear an owl in the middle of the night then the morning birds. The cabin is surrounded by lots of trees, so there are lots of birds living there. We saw lots of other great wild animals as well... hawks, deer, different butterflies. The dog and I had a good time walking around as my husband worked on the cabin. Sadly we won't be able to use it for another month or so since he did such a wonderful job of fixing it up, now everyone wants to use it!

I did get some knitting done while away... finished Zokni socks and worked on a scarf, but not much else... now the latest pattern for 6SoxKAL is out and I have been hunting the stash in my head for the perfect yarn to start this pattern. I thought it might be the red alpaca yarn a SP sent to me but not sure if it'll work. I did a lot of reading though... finished off several books. Nothing special really, just stuff I had on the shelf for way too long. My goal this summer was to not get any fiction from the library and just read what I have in the house. I will have to say I am doing pretty good on that front as well as using up my stash yarns. Hopefully I can continue these trends into the fall and winter?!?! I may need a few more days in the mountains to help me!

It is nice being home though and back into the comfort of everything you know and love. The garden has been growing well. We should have some tomatoes soon. I have been grilling the yellow squash and steaming the beans. Went to the small farmers market in town this morning and walked away with three little beaded bracelets, wonderful blueberries and a green squash. Blueberries are almost gone! They are great. I also fond out that we have an organic farm just down the road. Very exciting! I may have to visit the farmers market a little more often!

I have no pictures of my projects just yet, but will post tomorrow or Monday. Just wanted to jump back in and say hello!
I'll leave you with the beautiful double daylily that is growing in our yard. Never knew we had them, but they are lovely even if they are orange.


At 3:25 PM, Blogger Batty said...

I haven't made up my mind about the KAL socks (my first, I joined last month but too late to start and finish the VLS before the next pattern), there has to be something in my stash that'll work. For these, I'm thinking a simple color, nothing variegated. Must dig deeper, the sock yarn bags are oh so deep!

I hope you're not ready for a vacation right after your vacation. It's funny how quickly stress catches up with you when you get home.

At 8:33 PM, Blogger Jewels said...

What a peaceful sound, listening to the loons on the lake. Beautiful.

At 7:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your stay in the mountains sounds heavenly. We are finally getting a break in the heat today.
The double daylily is so pretty. I have never seen a double.


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