Monday, August 11, 2008

Picture heavy

I can't believe I have so many pictures, maybe I should save a few for tomorrow... nah! I'll just take more!

Well, I am enjoying a little solo stay-cation. My b-day is Thursday this week and my husband and his WHOLE family is camping (about 25-30 people) at Lake Durant. I told him he wouldn't have to get me anything for my day if I didn't have to go camping. I have never been tent camping and really didn't want to experience it with all those people, during rainy and stormy weather with no chance of driving home. So I am enjoying a little solo time here while they are getting rained on, but enjoying the wilderness.

With the Olympics starting Friday, I cast on for a new project:
Olympian Socks. I like they way they looked in the pattern. Hopefully once on me, these too will have some rings. I just pulled some wildfoote out of the stash to work with. I should have grabbed something a little lighter in color, but oh well. I like them so far.

Another reason I wanted a little time to myself is my husband decided not to take on ANY jobs for the whole month of July and now 2 weeks into August. Love him, but I need a little time alone. Plus I wanted to work on his Christmas gift:
Just 2x2 rib socks in his favorite colors. He'll love them. The yarn I picked up last fall at the NYS&W in Rhinebeck. It is a little thin, but I like it so far.

My webs order came in:
I missed out on 2 other sock yarns that were sold out before they processed my order. I would have liked them too, but I didn't need them. You'll see two more for me and one more in orange for DH for another pair of x-mas socks.

As you know I have also been working on baby sweaters to donate at the end of summer. I got two more done with stash yarn:


I found two more pattern books that I had never used, so I thought I would try out a few patterns. Both are crocheted and were really fast and easy. I would work the blue pattern again. It came out cute. The pattern ins in green and white making it look like a letterman's jacket or something. I'm sure I have more yarn to try it this way too.

Enough pictures for you? I am off to read now! I know how unconventional. I am reading "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan" by Lisa See. I have book club tomorrow and I am not even half way through the book. So far a lovely story and I didn't even realise when we choose it that it is set in China, but it goes well with the Olympics being on.


At 10:32 AM, Anonymous Karen said...

Lucky you not having to camp:) Tents + wet= yuck!
The sweaters are so cute! The socks are coming along wonderfully.

At 11:51 AM, Blogger Diane said...

I've been tent camping and it SUCKS!!! My current motto is: why sleep on the ground under fabric when there are these things called hotels?

Your sweater and socks look great. Keep up the olympic knitting.

At 1:21 AM, Blogger Briley said...

The socks are looking great.

What a great Bday present you got with staying home from camping, I would have chosen that, too.

I hope you had a wonderful Birthday!


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