Sunday, September 21, 2008

2 pairs finished

Crazy times I know! Thanks for all the fun comments on my kindergarten classes. They can be trying. This week's kids were so much better. Was there a full moon the week before? Maybe that's why they were out of whack! I do have two classes that are angelic right now. Hope they stay that way! Then there are the other two classes. Not sure why some kids are groups together... Too bad some of my other classes weren't better. Like one of my 2nd grade classes on Friday. Two boys just couldn't keep it together and I was at the end of my rope with what their comments were. I would have loved to call their mothers, but the conversation would have started something like..." well Mrs. Jones, after your son "tooted" (his words) he was rolling on the floor gasping for breath and pulled another boy to the floor with him... When I asked why they would behave in such a way, your son rudely told me that he ate your oatmeal this morning and the chemicals must have had a bad reaction.." That was only part of their craziness. 2nd graders acting worst than kindergartners! Yikes!

Yes there is knitting too! I finished both pairs of socks I was working on:
These are for me. Zigzags from the Ann Tillman book with the blue penguin socks on the cover. Easy pattern to memorize. Lucky for me since I had to return my copy to the library.

These are the second pair I will put away for Christmas for my husband. I am also working on a scrappy pair to use up some of the orange odds and ends. I may or may not get those totally done for Christmas. I am going to cast on for the Uncle Argyle scarf from the Son of SnB book. I have the yarn.. and yes there is orange there too. Hopefully I can get some of that done while he is out on the bicycle today.

I would love to get out in the garden and dig today since we are having a plant swap at school at the beginning of Oct, but I just don't feel like it. I will soon or else I won't have anything to swap!

Plus I just looked at what I have queued at ravelry... 625! Yikes, but get going on a few of those! Most are for me, but some are holiday gifts and ideas.


At 8:48 PM, Anonymous Karen said...

The socks are wonderful!
I try not to queue much on ravelry. I find it's too much pressure.

At 12:06 PM, Blogger Diane said...

Farting 2nd graders make for interesting blog fodder. Crazy boys!


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