Thursday, October 09, 2008

Hello October!

I can't believe how far we are into October already! I swear, I really need summer all year long so I can don't have to work and can get more done! Yikes! School has been busy, a little too busy these days. I signed up for a few more committees and just trying to get organised is a feat these days. Plus I decided to give my husband a special surprise for Christmas (if I can get it done)... I started working on his family tree. I have been in contact with a number of people and a lot of info is flowing my way. I think he will be pleased with how far back we go right now. Hope to find a bit more in the next several months though to help him embrace his heritage. I love doing this kind of stuff!

I was able to finish the round ripple in homespun:
oct4A little smaller than I would have wanted, but it is already donated as of last weekend.

Finished the ninna beret:
I just have to decide if I want to make the roses that are shown in the pattern. I made one, but I am not convinced I like them yet.

And I crocheted this cute little ditty bag:
It too is already with the recipient. hopefully she likes it. It is made from Incredible Ribbon Yarn by Lionbrand (I think!). Super fast and really cute too!

I also am working on a pair of purple mittens to match the purple beret, a pair of scrap socks for hubby, that double knitted scarf. It is so slow going! I only have two repeats of the pattern done so far. I think I have about 22 more to go! Wish me luck getting that done too! Had the day off today, so hubby and I walked the dog, bought groceries, did laundry, hung it out on the line and now I am curling up to knit... while he is on his bicycle.


At 10:51 AM, Blogger Briley said...

What a wonderful gift the family tree will be for your husband! I bet it's a lot of fun to work on, too.

The newest projects all look great. I love the round ripple afghan!

At 9:18 AM, Anonymous Karen said...

Your husband will be thrilled with the family tree. It's so much work but I bet you're enjoying it.
Everything looks wonderful.

At 11:14 PM, Blogger MarieAngel said...

I agree, the roses for the Nina Beret don't look quite right. I can just see those getting all floppy after the first wash and really not looking like roses at all.

Nice blog :)


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