Sunday, October 19, 2008

So Sad, no Rhinebeck

I couldn't find anyone around here that wanted to go down on Saturday, so my lovely Husband volunteered to be my fiber buddy for the day. I was happy to spend the day with him and feeling yarn in a beautiful setting. Sadly I woke up with a terrible migraine Saturday morning. I spent the entire day in bed and by late in the afternoon I was finally feeling better. Hubby still offered to drive down even late in the day so that I could go. I just wasn't feeling 100% nor could I stand the extremely bright sunlight streaming in the windows at every angle. So We didn't go.I am sad, but I really didn't NEED yarn. Although it would have been fun to wander. I thought of driving down by myself today, and I would have loved it, but again I don't NEED yarn, so I decided to stay home and get things done around the house that have been neglected.

School keeps me way too busy, and once I get home, I don't really like getting on the computer. I get some reading done and some knitting too. I finished up a cute pair of purple mittens to match a previous beret for one niece.

I also cast on in pink to match the second beret for my littlest niece another pair of mittens. These are the Dulaan pattern with a wider thumb. Supper easy and really fast too!
The colors in these pictures are seemingly dark. The previous pictures of the actual berets are truer in color than what is shown here.

I received a swap package last week. It was organized over at Ravelry and it was a Book or Movie swap.. Supposed to be a themed package with a handmade object along with some yarn.
I received some lovely yarn. Knitpicks Essential in Pine and another skein I had never heard of or seen before: Neighborhood Fiber Company, Watershed in Kingspark colorway. Plus there was a book by one of my current favorite authors: Philippa Gregory and a few other odds and ends to complete the package.

Now that my blog is updated, my ravelry page, the laundry is working, and the newspaper is read, I am off to work on my scarf. I have about three repeats complete. I promise to take a picture and post a picture of my progress really soon!


At 6:51 PM, Anonymous Karen said...

Sorry you weren't feeling well enough to go to Rhinebeck.
The mittens are lovely.
That's is a wonderful swap package you received.

At 4:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice Mitties!!! Well since you missed Rhinebeck, you could treat yourself to a trip to WEBS!


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