Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Get out the vote!

Just got home from our polling place. I have to laugh since it takes place in a building that hosts several districts in one building. District 2 had extremely long lones! We live in district 4... no waiting and two booths! It took longer to drive there than sign in and pull all the levers!

Why do you think only one of the several disticts had lines? No one in my district voted? Couldn't get to the polls? Didn't care to vote? Didn't know today was election day? It bothers me a bit!

Will post again with some pictures!


At 7:42 AM, Anonymous Karen said...

In my town everyone votes at the town hall. When I went at 10AM there was no line but a lot of people coming and going. When my husband went at 2:30PM he said it was the same. Last night when I watched the local returns I was amazed to see we had an 82% turn out. That amazes me. We usually get a 25% turn out for town elections and less than that at town meetings. I'm glad everyone let their voice be heard.

At 11:27 AM, Blogger Diane said...

I'd rather have no one vote than have ill informed people show up at the polls.

CT went to the fill in the bubbles and scan the page system so instead of waiting in long lines for one of 3 booths I had no wait to use one of 12 privacy tables to fill in the bubbles. Loved it.


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