Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

It is Wednesday and we have off from school. Gave me a chance to stay in my pjs a bit longer. Just ran a few errands" market and post office... now I am back in comfy clothes to spend this wet day indoors knitting and relaxing before tomorrow.

We are heading to my sister's around 3pm, plenty of time to get my veggie dish prepared for dinner. We will watch a little college basketball around noon, and I of course will knit! Should be a low key day with only 6 adults and 1 two year old. We are also picking names this year. I tried to do away with the whole gift giving. Not for selfish reasons or lack of money... but if the holidays are to spend with the family, why not just enjoy the time, laugh and eat together without the stress? I was vetoed my my mother who wants to exchange. Normally I am finished with all of my shopping by this time of year, but this year I haven't started and it freaks me out. We need to pick earlier if this is going to work in the future.

Enjoy your holiday! Yummy food and fun with your families! Happy Thanksgiving!


At 6:52 PM, Anonymous Karen said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
I have bought one small stocking gift and nothing else. I haven't found my Christmas spirit yet.


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