Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Hello December!

I just can't believe December is already here. Sadly I did get up (well I was woken up by cats) early on Black Friday morning. I went to the place nobody was! Radio Shack. Only about 4-5 people were there with me when the doors opened at 6am. They were getting plasma tvs and digital camera. I went for a small ipod and free docking station and a turntable to plug into the computer to catalog all of hubby's albums. I was in and out in less than 15 minutes. To me it was worth the trip. All those gifties are wrapped up too. I am not a big fa of wrapping, so I decided to wrap as I go this year. I am liking it so far. So basically hubby is done (except fro two handmade gifts to be finished - argyle scarf and short socks). Nieces are done and wrapped. I have to decide on a gift card for my brother and I finished my sister after school today. We picked names this year in my family so I only have 2 people to buy for instead of 4.. weird I know, but that's what they decided to do.

I tried out the cabley mittens pattern. Man was it fast! I really love the way they worked up. I wasn't sure I would like the way the thumbs were done, but things turned out great. These are a gift for my clerk.

I also worked up two quick apple cozies for a friend to give to her mom.
They were quick to work up and I finished in no time.

Right now I am working away on the scarf. 17 repeats done, hopefully I run out of yarn before I have to complete 23 repeats. It is almost long enough to stop. Plus I cast on for a pair of short socks for hubby. I was able to work on them during a meeting today so I am closing in on the first toe. These too are working up fast. After these I hope to be pretty much done with gifts for now.


At 8:55 AM, Anonymous Karen said...

Everything looks great! I can't believe all your gifts are done. I haven't even started my shopping yet and I have 2 gifts to knit.

At 9:11 PM, Blogger Batty said...

I love those mittens! the cable pattern is beautiful. Maybe I need to pick a quick knit too, because December is almost half over and I haven't even started yet. Eep!


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