Sunday, May 17, 2009

Have I completed ANYTHING this month?

Sadly I am not sure I have. Things have been busy around here. Some good and some not so good. My sister got a new job and she and her family are quickly packing up and moving from NY to VA. A nine hour drive. I am a little disheartened that she is moving and my little niece will be so far away. We got the news last week and they will be moving before the end of June. Like I said very quick. It is a lot to process.

Home has been busy, I have been spending more time outside in the gardens getting them cleaned up and new things planted. That is good. Lots of things are popping up, no real flowers. I wanted to go out there today, but the wind is nuts! Sun is out, but I hate the wind. Good for my laundry today though!

I have been working on my Olympian socks. I now have one complete and really hope to be finished with these next week? Well at least before the end of May. They are my May socks, so I hope they get done! They look really skinny, but the fit snug which works for me.

I also started these a while back, but I don't know if they well work out well. I have to start the gusset, so I put them down. They may end up fitting my hubby - lucky him!

I did pick up my Feb Lady's sweater. I am finally on the lace pattern part. So it does take a little more concentration. I can't work on it at night. So I may put this away again for a summer project. It is already a little too big, but maybe I'll like it that way!


At 5:55 PM, Blogger Gloria said...

I know how hard it is to have a sibling move away. I live in MA and my brother who I was close to moved to FL 20 years ago and it still doesn't feel right to be so far from one another and only see each other 1 x per year 2 if we can afford it.
I planted my tomatoes today, well the hubster planted the tomatoes....and I haven't finished a project this much either. I am working on a beret for my grandmother. She doesn't get out much but she wanted it so I am making it.

At 8:29 PM, Blogger Kerry said...

I'm sorry to hear your sister is moving so far away. I hope you end up being able to visit often.

The sock are coming along great! Love the pattern on the purple ones. :-)

At 9:20 AM, Anonymous Karen said...

I'm sorry your niece (and her parents) are moving away. It's so hard to be away from family. You will be able to spoil her rotten through the mail which is fun. She'll look forward to seeing what her favorite aunt is sending this time.

Your knitting projects look great. I think things slow for a bit at this time of the year. We can finally get outside and enjoy the sunshine.


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