Sunday, July 19, 2009

Crazy week

I has been somewhat of a crazy week. We are finally get a little heat for summer. Those are the days I like to stick close to home since the heat and humidity seem to make my head hurt... not migraine hurt, but just uncomfortable hurt. So 3 days this week have been a little tough on my head. Good the last 2 days which is nice though.

Wednesday I met a friend for lunch and a little yarn shopping. I bought the Bobbi Bear knit pattern that I have been really wanting to try for a year or so. I pulled out some yarn and plan to cast on for it soon. Thursday I met another friend for a trip to the NYC Ballet matinee. We had a nice time, but it was really hot! Luckily the program ended just as a thunderstorm was heading our way. I pulled into the driveway just as the rain started. Friday I had errands to run and had to stop in and see my mother. She has been a little needy lately since my sister moved to Virginia. (I can't remember if I told you they had actually moved... They have been gone about 3 weeks now. I do miss having them right around the corner. I will miss Ellie growing up, but luckily there is pictures and easy enough traveling plans. They are heading back for a visit at the end of August, so that will be great!)

Yesterday I went with my SIL to her friend's new house to help out with the flowers. She is from Texas and wasn't sure what she really had growing in the yard, plus she wanted to thin some of the beds out. She has a beautiful piece of property and it was fun looking at all the lovely beds. I was given some bee balm and some pink yarrow to add to my own garden.

Today, I am staying home! Too much running around the past few days has exhausted me! Luckily it is summer and I can tap a nap or two! Even with all these things I have been working hard. Here's the proof...

Finished these two blankets. Have a couple of other things going too. Not to mention my pile of books that I have been working through. Finished "the last promise" by Richard Paul Evans and "The God of Animals" by Aryn Kyle this week.


At 8:05 AM, Anonymous Karen said...

The blankets are beautiful.
It's so hard when family moves away but when you visit it will be extra special.


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