Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lots of Little things

I have been making lots of little things. They go quick and my brain doesn't feel so taxed with bigger projects with a lot of counting and complicated patterns. I do have this passes and I can get back to my "normal" knitting eventually.

I friend is expecting next month so I made her this little lacy hat...
and these mock cable matching socks. Haven't given them away yet, but I will before the end of the month.

I also whipped up this easy cable beret for Ellie for Christmas. It matches the cardi that is just awaiting a flower on the front. It doesn't look like a beret, but that is what the pattern was. It was nice and chunky yarn, so it went pretty quick.

And for my own little one, I made this blue sweater. It goes with the square hat from my last post. I am thinking it might be a good take home outfits, but who knows. I have a small pile of handknit pieces for my LBB (little baby boy). I hope to do several more, but I might want to wait and make different sizes for later too. There are so many patterns I want to try out.

This morning I made a small pumpkin hat from the Itty-Bitty book for a friend who was in town. Didn't get a chance for a pic since my Hubby took off with it before I could get the camera. I love a good fruit or veggie hat! What kid doesn't look adorable it them?!?!?

I have the day off tomorrow and a scheduled Drs appt. Just routine and I hope it goes quick. You just never know when you walk in their doors. Hubby and I hopefully will get a few things done around the house tomorrow too. Keep your fingers crossed that we get the crib moved from downstairs to the upstairs room!


At 7:38 AM, Anonymous Karen said...

All the knits look great! How are you feeling? It looks like you've got energy for knitting.


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